Our Favourite Outdoor Blogs Posts!

Penguins on South Snadwich Islands
What was your favourite post on the CheapTents Outdoor Gear blog this year? Photocredit: Phil Wickens

A Great Year for the CheapTents Outdoor Gear Blog!

As the year draws to a close we like to look back over our blog posts and share our favourites. As ever, we’ve posted some amazing interviews, great gear reviews, insightful outdoor news and thrown in a little bit of fun too!

Explorer Interviews

This year we have been privileged to interview an array of fascinating people who are getting out and about, exploring and adventuring. These include Leon McCarron who told us about his Walk Home from Mongolia expedition, Phil Wickens who has been summitting unclimbed peaks in Antarctica, Dan Martin who will be attempting a triathlon around the world and the Brazil 9000 team who are exploring Brazil from North to South (and growing funny beards.)

Leon McCarron crosses a frozen river in China
Leon McCarron on his Walking Home from Mongolia expedition

Tents and Outdoor Gear

We’ve been proud to announce that we are stocking outdoor gear from two new suppliers this year: Nordisk and Jack Wolfskin.

We’ve reviewed a range of fantastic tents including the Force 10 Helium 100 by Vango, the Lightwave T20 Hyper XT and our 5 star rated MSR Holler!

Of course its not just tents, we’ve also written about tent pegs and when to use different types. Don’t forget to check out the video of a tent getting wind blown across a campsite!

Force 10 Helium 100 one man tent
The Force 10 Helium 100 by Vango got 4 stars in our review

Hiking and Camping

We love to look at Ordnance Survey paper maps, but its also handy to be able to look at them online. We revealed the best way to locate a six figure grid reference anywhere in the Great Britain. This post includes our great guess the location quiz!

This leads us nicely onto hiking and social media, we had fun reviewing the Social Hiking website which enables anyone to share their real time location online whilst out hiking or adventuring.

Just for fun we’ve written about how listening to your iPod can help make your camping food taste better!

Happy New Year

That just about wraps it up for this year. We would like to wish all our blog readers a Happy New Year filled with lots of enjoyable camping and hiking!


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