Black Diamond Head Torches at CheapTents

The logo of climbing gear manufacturer Black DiamondHere at CheapTents we are pleased to announce that we are stocking a range of head torches from Black Diamond.

Best known for their climbing equipment, Black Diamond are a company of outdoor enthusiasts who use the products which they design and manufacture.

We [Black Diamond] apply a single global standard to the manufacturing quality of our product and the environment in which our employees make it. This is our gear. We build it. We use it. We’re damn proud of it.

Black Diamond’s history started 50 years ago when Yvon Chouinard started hand forging pitons with a hammer and anvil in his back yard. At first he sold the pitons from his car boot, before setting up a proper company called Chouinard Equipment. Producing innovate climbing gear such as Chouinard carabiners, Hexentrics and Stoppers, carbon-glass and ergonomic ice axe handles, the Camalot design spring loaded camming device and the famous Bod harness. After being sued for not warning people that the activity of climbing carried potential risks, Chouinard Equipment filed for bankruptcy. In 1989 former employees bought up the assets and created the first employee-owned climbing gear company and Black Diamond was born.

Black Diamond are committed top preserving the countryside that enjoy visiting and playing in. They provide support to a number of organisations that help to protect wilderness areas and promote climbing. These include Access Fund, The American Alpine Club and The Conservation Alliance.

Black Diamond Head Torches

We currently have three head torches from Black Diamond, they are the Spot, Cosmo and Gizmo. Here are comments about each head lamp and below is quick comparison table showing the key features of each model.

Black Diamond Spot Head Torch

As its name suggests, the Spot Head Torch has a powerful LED spot light that provides light for up to 70 m, which is ideal when you are out at night; trail running or hiking on difficult or mountainous terrain. It can even be used for abseiling at night. The 2 red LEDs enable you to look at your map without ruining your night vision. The Spot also has low power LEDs for general illumination when you are putting your tent up or chilling out around the campsite. A built in power meter gives an indication of the amount of power left in your batteries.

Black Diamond Cosmo Head Torch

The Cosmo also has an LED spot light, with a 33 m range. Whilst this is lower than for the Black Diamond Spot, its lower power means that the maximum burn time is far longer, 175 hours compared to only 50 hours for the Spot. Therefore the Cosmo is more suitable for longer camping trips and night hikes on established trails as opposed to use on mountainous terrain. The Cosmo also has 2 low power LEDs for providing diffused light around the campsite.

Black Diamond Gizmo Head Torch

The Gizmo is a lightweight general purpose headlamp for use around the campsite. Its also great to pack in your rucksack in case your hike takes a bit longer than expected and you are caught out in the dark!

Black Diamond Head Torches – At a Glance

  Spot Cosmo Gizmo
  Spot Head Torch Cosmo Head Torch Gizmo Head Torch
LED Type 1 TriplePower
4 SinglePower
(2 white, 2 red)
1 DoublePower
2 SinglePower
3 SinglePower
Lumens 90 55 35
Max Distance 70 m
(TriplePower LED)
15 m
(2 SinglePower LEDs)
33 m
(DoublePower LED)
18 m
(SinglePower LED)
15 m
Max Burn Time 50 hours
(TriplePower LED)
200 hours
(SinglePower LEDs)
175 hours
(DoublePower LED)
250 hours
(SinglePower LED)
72 hours
with batteries
90 g 90 g 58 g

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