What Would Your Explorer Name Be?

Early 20th century explorer Kazimierz Nowak in the Jungle
Do you long to be
an intrepid explorer?

Its time for a bit of explorer fun! From time to time you hear about how you can generate you own film star name and so forth. Since we take an interest in exploring and adventures we thought that it would be amusing to develop a simple way of creating your very own explorer name.

Explorers Past and Present

The first step is to cast our eyes over the names of genuine explorers and adventurers to find out if there are any common threads.

From the past there are explorers who set out to find new and uncharted lands, such as Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, David Livingstone, Frances Drake, Hernan Cortes, James Cook, Christopher Columbus and John Cabot.

More recently polar explorers began to discover the coldest parts of our planet, for example, Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen

There are also the mountaineers who have taken on the highest mountains on our planet: George Mallory, Andrew Irvine, Edmund Hillary, Maurice Herzog, Alan Hinkes and Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner.

Beyond earth there are space explorers including Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong.

Mounatineer Kevin Thaw exploring high mountain ranges
Climber and mountaineer Kevin Thaw

There are also lots of modern day explorers. These include those who battle against snow and ice, for example, Dixie Dansercoer, Lonnie Dupre, Mikael Strandberg, Phil Wickens, Liv Arnesen, Eric Larsen, Mark Hibbert, and Ranulph Fiennes. There are others who undertake expeditions in a variety of climates such as Andrew Skurka, Julian Munroe Fisher, Leon McCarron, Alastair Humprheys, Tim Moss and Louis Philippe Loncke. We have been privileged to interview many of the modern day adventures listed above on the CheapTents blog!

What Makes a Good Explorer Name?

Whilst at first glance there doesn’t appear to be anything that links any of these great names, dig a little deeper and it becomes apparent. To discover this link you must access the mind of the explorer. Imagine yourself on a long, treacherous, unsupported journey across an unchanging hostile landscape. Miles upon miles of sand dunes, jungle or ice and snow. Before long your mind will see things in a new light, especially when food and water supplies are running low…

…well would you believe it, it turns out that your own name is perfectly suitable after all!

Generator Your Explorer Name!

But just supposing that your own name doesn’t cut the explorer name mustard, you now have the opportunity to create you own explorer name with our widget…its just for fun!

Please accept our apologies, this feature is currently not working.
Please enter the first name of one of your grandparents:

Please enter the year of your birth:

Your explorer name is:

Let us know your Explorer name, please leave it as a comment below!

And Finally

Surnames are often trades or professions, e.g. cooper, smith, cook, plumber etc. but they are a bit old fashioned. Wouldn’t it be great to have some surnames that are named after modern jobs, e.g. electrician, cameraman, scientist, videographer, astronaut, programmer?

On the theme of outdoor pursuits we already have Walker, but what about Explorer, Adventurer, Climber or Mountaineer?


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