Training For The Yorkshire 3 Peaks

After my last post explaining why we are doing a charity hike for St Rocco’s Hospice. I thought that the next logical step was to look at how we are training. However it seems that events have overtaken me with our local paper taking up the story and sending down a photographer.

Making Headlines

Resplendent in our St Rocco’s T Shirts, we strike a pose for the Warrington Guardian

It was quite a nervous experience on Tuesday (18th June) when arriving at our shop for the photo shoot with the Warrington Guardian. I was, being a “prima donna” disappointed to find that I had not been allocated my own changing room or make up artist, however I did remember the hairbrush to sort out the remaining few strands of my hair.

The photographer arrived and duly made myself, Martyn and Daniel pose with our St Rocco’s T Shirts in front of a tent, holding rucksacks and walking poles, in a set up akin to early big game hunters. Indeed, all that was missing to create such an image was a couple of dead animals, although Martyn does his best by looking like he’s just been stuffed! Paul the final member of the team managed to hide during all the fun, and missed out on getting his picture in the paper.

Training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Training is going on in earnest, with each member of the team having differing training styles. It will be interesting to see who copes best with the hike.

Daniel: Getting the Miles in!

Daniel is perhaps leading the way with his training focusing on cycling to work and getting miles in legs whilst hiking, of which he has recently posted some trip reports: Walking in Llangurig, Mid Wales, Snowdonia Hiking – Elidir Fawr via Y Garn and Snowdonia Hiking – Carnedd Llewelyn. Daniel also dragged me out to the Peak District last weekend and a 15 mile stroll for him, had me wishing for a bottle of Jacob’s Creek whilst ascending Jacob’s Ladder. Twenty minutes later I thought I had been on the wine as I watched a Ewe approach Daniel and beg for food. Can you get altitude sickness in the Peak District? As I still don’t believe my eyes or the photo I snapped below.

I thought I seen it all, normally sheep run away! This one did the opposite and approached Daniel who had food. Thankfully he didn’t give it any, but others must have.

Paul: Swim Bike Run to Fitness!

Paul our shop manager and two time Ironman is continuing with his triathlon training, and will no doubt have no problems with the stamina side of the walk, but may have problems using muscles associated with walking rather than triathalon.

Martyn: Gym Hound!

Martyn is a vastly experienced walker, scout leader and “outdoorsie” type person. However he recently had an unfortunate accident involving soft fruit, a car park, flip flops and a trip to casualty. The resulting dislocated knee-cap caused him much pain and the rest of the staff much mirth.

In true British bulldog spirit he has been is hitting the gym in an effort to rebuild his fitness following his unfortunate lay off. There is no doubt that he will be in good shape come the 21st July. When I asked Martyn if he had anything to share about his regime his response was “What do you want me to say? Yeah, I’m up every morning at 2am for a 20 mile run with an elephant on my back, by the way the elephant’s called Neville and it wears a pink tutu!” Most people would think that this response was a classic case of sarcasm, but knowing Martyn I have a feeling that it may be true!

Gareth: generally slacking!

To be honest my training has not gone as well as I hoped. Finding the time to train has been difficult, which is amazing as I am the only member of the team who works part time. Paul had cause to remind me of something called “Parkinson’s Law” which as I understand it has something to do with a study which found that people who have lots of free time seem not to do anything. I am therefore using the “Can’t Look Soft” routine, which basically means that no matter how bad the walk is, I have to continue and finish so I don’t look a complete “wus” in front of everyone. Especially as in the distant past it was my idea to do some charity work.

However, I have managed to get out a number of times in the last week or so joining Daniel on 15 mile trek in the Peak District, ascending Kinder Scout twice. The second ascent was via Jacob’s Ladder, and believe me the term ladder is no exaggeration! It’s strange that living in the North West the only time I have been in the Peak District is in a car. It is a beautiful area and one which I want to go back to. I found that standing on top of Kinder Scout and seeing Manchester in the distance but not hearing the sounds of traffic or urban noise is a surreal and enjoyable experience. I do hope that next time I go up the cable car route has been finished!

On our hike Daniel used his phone’s GPS to upload to Share Your Adventure. Unfortunately the ViewRanger app crashed at Grinds Brook, which went unnoticed for a while. This makes our route map (below) look a little crazy, as our descent of Kinder via Grinds Brook and the village of Edale is missed off.

I also managed a 10 mile walk with my dog Reuben along the Trans-pennine Trail through Warrington to Lymm in Cheshire. This was a nice relaxing walk despite the rain. However I must apologise if in the future you have dog hairs in your Weetabix, as at one point Reuben decided that he would have a play in a field where the fence had broken, so it may give a whole new meaning to the hair of the dog and grumpiness in the morning! Reuben takes a break from training

And Finally!

With less than a month before the walk I personally hope to get out every weekend to get some miles under my belt. I really don’t want to let anyone down, the friends I am going to be hiking with, St Rocco’s or the people who are sponsoring me. When it hurts as I know it will, the thought of helping people will keep me going, we as a team may not raise a lot but every bit helps to bring some comfort to people who need it.

If you can then please donate on line at It would be greatly appreciated.


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