Berghaus Delta Range

Manufacturers, within their own brand will have many different sub-brands or ranges. As consumers and retailers we automatically understand this. If I was to buy something from the Berghaus Extrem or The North Face Summit Series ranges for example, than I would know that I would be buying a product primarily designed for active use in within a mountain environment. As opposed to products outside these ranges which I know will be made to the normal Berghaus/The North Face high standards, but have not necessarily been designed for mountaineering use.

Delta and Alpha

Berghaus RG - available as the RG 1, RG Alpha or top of the range RG Delta
Berghaus RG – available as the RG 1, RG Alpha or top of the range RG Delta

This winter Berghaus have introduced a new system with six of their waterproof jackets. In time this will bring instant recognition and differentiation for users, but could initially cause a little confusion to the un-initated. The Berghaus system focuses around some of their products having different levels of features, yet bearing a similar name. For example you will have the RG1 (base level) the RG Alpha (mid-range) and RG Delta (top of the range) primarily the same jacket, with the same RRP, but with different levels of features.

If you use the analogy of cars then it may be easier to understand as car manufacturers have different levels of trims and options that are available. So if you say the standard model is a car with a tape deck, the Alpha model comes with a CD player and the Delta model comes with CD Player and MP3 player. What is different is that Bergahus have set the RRPs the same.

Different Levels But Same Price?

Yes, you have read it correctly Berghaus have set the same RRPs for products with different levels of features.

Why? You may ask, would you buy an Alpha or base level model when they have the same RRP as a Delta level? I would say it’s a good question and one which I can’t answer! So I asked Berghaus and was told that people wanted different levels of features within a product and that the differentiation in the range offers them this.

Features such as a phone pocket are only available on the Delta models

That’s a fair answer and one which I can see the merit of, but on a personal level I would purchase the Delta level product all the time. It has everything the Alpha and base level models have and more! All at the same price.

Delta Is Not Available Everywhere

Now don’t expect to go to you local outdoor supermarket and get a Delta level product! Since these products are top of the range only certain specialized and accredited outdoor retailers, such as ourselves, have access to the Delta range.

The Confusing Bit

As I wrote previously the Delta, Alpha and base level only apply to six waterproof jackets this winter. Only time will tell if it becomes a Berghaus standard across all of their clothing or outdoor products.

It may become a little confusing having read this post (if you are still with me, take a deep breath I’ve nearly finished) when you see a product which is not included in this new system. Most products will not have an Alpha or Delta variant. So whilst you could think these are the base level product, this would not be the case.

To clarify, the following table will help as it shows the four delta products (highlighted green) which we are stocking this winter and the names of the Alpha and base level siblings.

Men’s Waterproof Jackets
RG 1 RG Alpha RG Delta
RG 3 in 1 RG Alpha 3 in 1 RG Delta 3 in 1
RG Insulated RG Alpha Insulated Jacket RG Delta Insulated
Women’s Waterproof Jackets
Calisto Insulated Calisto Alpha Insulated Calisto Delta Insulated

To Summarise

Berghaus are introducing a system for six waterproof jackets this year. Each product will have three variants: the standard model, the mid-range Alpha and the top of the range Delta. The Delta range will only be available from certain specialized and accredited outdoor retailers, such as ourselves.


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