Extreme Food for Adventure Racing and Backpacking

Deciding what food to take when you are backpacking can be a difficult choice. Its always a balancing act between nutrition, energy, taste, longevity, weight, volume, ease of preparation and cooking time. Fortunately we now have a way of making that choice much easier for you! Our new range of meals from Lancashire based company Extreme Food will ensure that you can boost your energy with minimum hassle and low weight whilst tingling your taste buds at the same time!

Extreme Food pouches for outdoor adventures
Tasty food for adventure racing and backpacking!

Extreme Food meal pouches provide 500 kcal per packet, require 300ml of boiling water, are ready in 6-8 minutes and have a dried weight of only 101g – 105g. With less weight and volume in your rucksack, you can take plenty to eat! We are currently offering Porridge with Maple Syrup, Beef Shepherd’s Pie, Vegatale Korma, Chocolate Chip Pudding and Ultra Fuel Hot Chocolate. Feeling hungry yet?!

Extreme food has been developed by an integrated nutritional team of experts in their respective fields. Extreme Foods mission is to raise the bar for outdoor instant freeze dried meals, especially in terms of taste, quality, scientifically nutritionally balanced & high quality ingredients.

The Ultra Fuel Hot Chocolate is designed to bring nutrients and energy quickly into your system when you do not have time to prepare a meal. It is ideal for adventure racing and fell running either during your run, before or afterwards.

[Ultra Fuel is] nutritionally balanced using a combination of mixed chain carbohydrates, amino-acids, vitamins, minerals & medium chain triglycerides to give you all the nutrition you need in one hit.

So for great tasting, high energy food with a low weight, take Extreme Food with you next time you are adventure racing, on a mountain marathon or backpacking.

Take advantage of our Extreme Food meal deal! Buy four meals or ultra fuel and receive an Ultra Fuel Hot Chocolate free of charge!

Extreme Meal Sachets
Get a free Ultra Fuel Hot Chocolate when you buy four meals or Ultra Fuel!

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