Two Person Backpacking Tents

We are currently stocking a range of excellent two berth tents designed for backpacking and general camping. Detailed information about these tents can be found via the ultralight tents and lightweight tent sections of our website. To help you choose the most suitable tent for your requirements here is a round up of some of the latest models, although we stock many more. These tents are manufactured by leading brands in the outdoor industry such as Force Ten, The North Face, Nordisk, Jack Wolfskin and Vango. Please note that RRPs quoted in this post are from May 2015.

Single arch 2 person tents
The Nordisk Telemark 2 LW and The North Face 02
Single arch ultralight tents

Single Arch Tents

Our single arch tents are the lightest in weight at around only 1 kg. They are ideal for use in activities such as mountain marathons, adventure racing or microadventures. They are sturdy enough for 3 season use, yet they are compact so you will not carry more tent than you need.

The Nordisk Telemark 2 LW has many novel features. For example, you can adjust internal space and, by fixing the small end poles together, you can make a pole to hold the door open to cook under. It is our lightest tent at 0.95 kg, with an RRP of £400.

The arched pole of The North Face O2 has special corner fittings to give more internal space. Its “no-see-um” mesh inner helps keep the tent cool when the weather is hot but could make this tent a little cold if you want to use it early or late in the year. It weighs 1.02 kg and has an RRP of £275.

Tunnel tents for back packing
Tunnel Tents. Clockwise, starting top left: Nordisk Halland 2 LW, Force Ten Strato 2, Vango Helix 200, Jack Wolfskin Gossamer II

Tunnel tents

Tunnel tents are robust with steep sides that provide plenty of internal space. They are often tapered, being lower at the foot end of the tent. Tunnel tents are ideal for backpacking, wild camping and camping in campsites.

At 1.5 kg, our lightest tunnel tent is the Nordisk Halland 2 LW. It is relatively roomy and features a large vestibule. With an RRP of £480 this is a high quality, ultralight tent.

The Force Ten Strato 2 is a “gothic arch” tunnel tent. The pointed arches, coupled with the TBS internal guying system, provides excellent stability in the wind. The Strato 2 is a 4 season tent, weighing 2.26 kg, with an RRP of £300.

If you like wild camping the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer II is ideal, since it has a low profile making it unobtrusive. The “no-see-um” mesh inner can be pitched without the flysheet, allowing you to sleep out under the stars. It weighs 2.28 kg and has an RRP £150.

The Vango Helix 200 is an entry level ultralight tent that is ideal for D of E expeditions. It weighs only 1.85 kg and also has a low price tag, with an RRP of just £100.

If you require a large porch when you are camping the Vango Pulsar 200 is a great choice. Suitable multi-day adventures or cycle-touring when you need extra living and storage space. Weight 3.35 kg, RRP £170.

Backpacking tents for 2 people
The North Face Triarch 2 hybrid tent
and the Force Ten Ion 2 semi-geodesic tent

Semi-Geodesic Tents

For rough terrain and harsh weather conditions the Force Ten Ion 2 semi-geodesic tent will see you right. Ideal for wild camping in the fells, this 3/4 season tent is rugged with an excellent strength to weight ratio. Weight 2.65 kg, RRP £340.

Hybrid Construction Tents

The North Face Triarch 2 has an innovative design consisting of three arches. These provide extra living space within this free standing tent. Like The North Face O2 the inner is made from “no-see-um” mesh. The Triarch is an ultralight tent weighing 1.7 kg and has an RRP £325. An excellent choice for backpacking.

/ Model
Type RRP
(May 2015)
Nordisk Telemark 2 LW 0.95 Single Arch £400
The North Face O2 1.02 Single Arch £275
Nordisk Halland 2 LW 1.50 Tunnel £480
Force Ten Strato 2 2.26 Tunnel £300
Jack Wolfskin Gossamer II 2.28 Tunnel £150
Vango Helix 200 1.85 Tunnel £100
Vango Pulsar 200 3.35 Tunnel £170
Force Ten Ion 2 2.65 Semi-Geodesic £340
The North Face Triarch 2 1.70 Hybrid £325

Summary – 2 Person Tents

All of these tents are ideal for backpacking, with the Vango Pulsar being rather more suited to longer expeditions or cycle touring. If you are going adventure racing or if you are weight conscious the Nordisk Telemark 2 LW or The North Face O2 are the best choices due to their extremely low weight.

For D of E expeditions the Vango Helix 200 is an excellent choice due to its low weight and low cost. For backpacking in warmer climates The North Face Triarch 2 is the best choice offering ultralight weight, mesh inner and lots of usable space. If you are looking for the cream, the Nordisk Halland 2 LW is ultralight weight, roomy and robust.

For wild camping the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer II has an unobtrusive low profile, whereas the robust Force Ten Ion 2 is suitable for camping on the fells and/or on rough terrain. The Force Ten Strato 2 being the choice for camping throughout the year, as well as being the best all-round tent in terms of balancing weight, cost, size and functionality.


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