The North Face Heyerdahl 2 Tent Review

The Heyerdahl 2 from The North Face is a 2 person, 3 season tunnel tent weighing 2.81 kg. In this review we will take a detailed look at the design and features of the Heyerdahl 2, to help you decide if this is the right tent for you.

2 person tunnel tent - TNF Heyerdahl 2
The North Face Heyerdahl 2 tunnel tent

Pitching the Heyerdahl Tent

The Heyerdahl 2, like its larger brother the Heyerdahl 3, is an all round camping tent.

The design of the Heyerdahl tent is a classic two-poled tunnel. Both of the poles being an equal length, so that the height along the length of the tent is the same. To pitch the tent the poles slide through sleeves in the fly sheet and simply slip through an eye type fixing point. A cord runs across the width of the tent connecting the bottom of each pole to provide stability.

The tunnel design of the tent means that it is not free standing and must be pegged out to stand upright. There are eight pegging points around the base of the tent and four guy ropes, one at each corner. The pegs provided are of the standard hook design. The Heyerdahl 2 has the flexibility to be pitched as fly-only or as an all in one pitch with the inner and fly sheet together.

Named after Thor Heyerdahl the Norwegian adventurer, ethnographer, author and explorer the Heyerdahl 2 is sure to awaken you wander lust and provide a robust and roomy base for your outdoor adventures.

Plenty of Usable Space

The Heyerdahl 2 has a single entrance through a large porch at one end of the tent. There is plenty of space to store your rucksacks, walking boots and outdoor gear. There is enough room to cook in the porch during bad weather.

The flysheet door has a single two-way zip that runs up the right hand side of the entrance and curves around to the top of the left hand side. The door can be rolled up and secured on the left hand side. With the door zipped up it is possible open up a gap at the top of the door. There are two vents near the top of the flysheet either side of the door.

Inside the Heyerdahl 2 there is enough space to sit up along the length of the tent. The tunnel design means that the sides are steep so there is also a lot of height across the width of the tent. There is enough length to easily accomodate someone who is over six feet tall. There is also plenty enough width for two people to sleep without squashing into each other.

Inside the Heyerdahl 2
There is enough room for two people to sleep side by side

The groundsheet is a seam sealed bath tub design, for keeping out water. Made from 70D Nylon with PU coating, its hydrostatic head is an ample 5000mm.

Internal Features of the Heyerdahl

There are two triangular shaped mesh pockets at the back of the tent, near the top, to keep your keep your phone, keys or torch. The positioning of these pockets might make it a bit difficult to reach them if you need something stored in them when you are tucked up in your sleeping bag at night. There are also four hoops, two at each end, that could be used to attach some cord for a clothes line.

The most noticeable internal feature at the back of the tent are the two mesh vents, both of which can be closed off using zippers. The top vent is in line with a vent in the fly sheet which can left open or secured down with velcro. These vents will allow a breeze throught the tent when the weather is hot and help reduce any condensation when it is cold.

Vents at the back of the Heyerdahl 2
On the left the vents are open, on the right the vents are closed.

The inner door has a large inset mesh section that can be opened or closed with the door. This allows you to have extra ventilation should you need it. There did not appear to be any method of tying the door open though, which can be useful if you are going in and out of your tent.

The pack size is 18 cm x 53.5 cm. The flysheet is made from 75D Polyester, with a PU coating and has a hydrostatic head of 3000mm. The inner 68D breathable, ripstop Polyester.

Our Opinion of the Heyerdahl 2

The Heyerdahl 2 is made to the high quality that you would expect from The North Face and it is quick and easy to pitch. Its biggest selling point is its large amount of internal usable space. It is well ventialted and has a good sized porch. These features will help to ensure that you have a comfortable time whilst you are camping.

With an RRP of £190 (July 2015) and a weight of 2.81 kg the Heyerdahl is a superb all round two person tent at a very reasonable price. Whilst the Heyerdahl 2 is suitable for backpacking, if you are planning to go on long backpacking expeditions frequently it would be worth considering spending a bit more on an ultralight tent such as the Vango Helium 2. If you will be driving to the campsite or cycle touring, the Vango Pulsar 2 would be worth considering due to its extended porch.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]


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