What is Wild Camping?

We all talk about wild camping, the inter-web is awash with blogs and sites dedicated to it. But exactly what is wild camping? I originally wanted to write a post about the features you may want to consider for a backpacking tent or bivi bag, but my research opened up so many questions as to … Continue reading What is Wild Camping?


Climbing Helmets a Tough Nut to Crack

A huge part of climbing (and abseiling) is the adrenaline caused by the risks being taken. However, an even bigger part of climbing is the calculating of these risks in order to ensure the safety of the climber is not in any way compromised. This is no easy task with many considerations such as climbing ropes, safety harness, climbing … Continue reading Climbing Helmets a Tough Nut to Crack

Breathable Waterproof Fabric Care

Breathable waterproof fabrics such as Gore Tex, eVent and Gelanots are highly technical and can be expensive. So it is not surprising that there are numerous products on the market that claim to protect and prolong the life of waterproof clothing. Is it necessary to use these fabric care products or will my waterproofs be … Continue reading Breathable Waterproof Fabric Care

Where do the MSR Hubbas get their name?

Here at CheapTents.com we all love the MSR Hubba tents, but do find the naming system slightly confusing at times.  So we got in touch with Mountain Safety Research to find out where the name comes from. What is a Hubba? The Hubba name is something we (MSR) came up with, based on the tent's … Continue reading Where do the MSR Hubbas get their name?

Do I need a Groundsheet Protector?

Groundsheet protectors are something that very few people I know carry, mainly due to the extra weight. I recently started thinking about whether or not there was a real need to carry a tent groundsheet protector or whether it was just unnecessary bulk. What do Groundsheet Protectors Do? So is it worth carrying the extra … Continue reading Do I need a Groundsheet Protector?

Avalanche Advice Warning!

Please share this warning with fellow walkers! There has been an avalanche warning put out by the Live for the Outdoors forum around the Snowdonia area, as there has been instances of snow falling away from cornices.  Here are the tips provided by the article advising on walking in the hills, especially avalanche prone areas.... … Continue reading Avalanche Advice Warning!

Outdoor and camping advice is our thing…

Outdoor People Outdoor gear, sports and camping are definitely our thing.  Each of the team at CheapTents.com, enjoys their own range of outdoor sports and activities from leisurely walking to travel and triathalons, or from climbing to mountain biking and bivouacking.  For this reason, we take a great interest in a wide range of outdoor … Continue reading Outdoor and camping advice is our thing…