Snowdonia Hiking – Elidir Fawr via Y Garn

Whilst on my recent hike to Carnedd Llewelyn I saw across the valley a mountain that had an intriguing pyramid shape. Looking on my map I discovered that it is called Elidir Fawr. Due to its interesting geometry I decided that it would be my next objective. So I returned to Snowdonia for some more … Continue reading Snowdonia Hiking – Elidir Fawr via Y Garn


Social Hiker Alex Atkinson Walks Coast to Coast

A familiar face on social media platform Twitter, Alex Atkinson ( @atkypne ) is an avid hiker, backpacker and wild camper. Alex and two of his friends recently took on the Coast to Coast walk, in aid of Hounds for Heros. The Coast to Coast Walk is a 192 mile route that was devised by … Continue reading Social Hiker Alex Atkinson Walks Coast to Coast

The Extreme Stroll Around Manchester

This is my first blog post, and though it is not my first attempt to use English I'll apologise in advance for the incorrect grammar, spelling, typos and general idiocy that this post will surely exhibit! The point of this particular post is to discuss the Bogle Stroll 2011 that I have signed myself up … Continue reading The Extreme Stroll Around Manchester

Walking and Trekking in South Africa

South Africa has an enormous amount of countryside wilderness and mountains to attract walkers and hikers. There are a great many walking trails throughout the country, so South Africa has a large amount to offer people who wish to go walking abroad. Wherever you go you can be sure that there will be the possibility … Continue reading Walking and Trekking in South Africa

Climbing and Mountaineering in Afghanistan

There are many mountainous regions in Afghanistan and prior to the Soviet invasion in 1979 it was a popular destination for climbers and mountaineers. In May 2009 the new democratic government created the Band-e-Amir National Park which it hopes will boost national tourism to the area. It should also help to encourage the international community … Continue reading Climbing and Mountaineering in Afghanistan

The Family Camping Checklist 2010

With the school (summer) holidays now upon us, it is that time of year we've all be waiting for, the family holiday. This year, as with the previous few, has seen a massive decrease in foreign holiday bookings, meaning that more and more people are staying in the UK for their family holidays. However, as … Continue reading The Family Camping Checklist 2010