12 Must Have Items to Take Camping

It seems that almost every post on the internet these days is to do with lists of things. These include things to do, places see, must have products, the smallest, the biggest, the fastest, the most expensive. From the 20 longest bridges in the world to the 15 most embarrassing photos of your favourite celebrities, … Continue reading 12 Must Have Items to Take Camping


Ramblers Baarmy over Sheep Advertising

A new advertising campaign has sparked controversy in the walking community. In an un-ewe-sual bid to promote online outdoor gear shop CheapTents, sheep have been painted with the company's logo. After teaming up with farmers located in popular walking areas, including the Lake District, the sheep can be seen now be seen on some of … Continue reading Ramblers Baarmy over Sheep Advertising

Yorkshire 3 Peaks – A Sunday Afternoon Stroll

Well, we did it! We got round the Yorkshire 3 Peaks' course despite Martyn falling into a bog, losing the path, and myself and Daniel detouring to "save" a sheep. But the main thing is that we have raised almost ¬£300 for St. Rocco's Hospice, and we had a great day in the process and … Continue reading Yorkshire 3 Peaks – A Sunday Afternoon Stroll

Making Backpacking Food Taste Better

Deciding what food to take when backpacking can be a difficult task. The major deciding factors being the weight of the food, its taste, longevity, nutrition and your diet. Other considerations are cooking, water and packaging. You may also be concerned about issues such as animal welfare, sustainability and food miles. All these things can … Continue reading Making Backpacking Food Taste Better

Best Way to Find Map Grid Reference Online

Here at CheapTents we love Google Maps and Street View. We are waiting with great anticipation for Google to roll out Street View for mountain trails, which we like to call "Sherpa Cam". Yet there is still something better than Google Maps and that is Ordnance Survey mapping. The Ordnance Survey National Grid reference system … Continue reading Best Way to Find Map Grid Reference Online

Hydration Bladders with a Difference

Today we are announcing an Exclusive product created by Cheap Tents. There aren't many amongst the hiking and camping community who haven't noticed the similarity in looks of a water bladder and a hospital drip. They both generally offer hydration to the body, even if the method of entry varies some what. Something that made … Continue reading Hydration Bladders with a Difference

Xplore the Forest with a Great New Mobile App

Forest Xplorer is the Forestry Commission for England's free mobile app, for Android and iPhone. The app, which you can download today, is a great little companion app to have with you whether you enjoy a walk in the forest or enjoy camping in the forest. The app is one of the best guides we've … Continue reading Xplore the Forest with a Great New Mobile App