Google Maps and Street View Go 8-Bit!

Here at CheapTents we love looking at maps! Whilst Ordnance Survey undoubtedly produce the best quality mapping in the UK, Google have provided us with their maps online for free. Combined with Street View and Google Earth, Google Maps is arguably one of the best things on the internet. Not only do Google do great … Continue reading Google Maps and Street View Go 8-Bit!

Walkers Drugged by Electricity Company

Have you ever been out hiking and found that when you came down from the fells, you felt that your experience of your walk was not quite as it should have been? Your body feels like you've been walking but your memory of the walk is a bit sketchy? We have received an increasing number … Continue reading Walkers Drugged by Electricity Company

Best Songs for Walking, Climbing and Running

Ever since the invention of the Sony Walkman outdoor enthusiasts have been able to take their music with them on their adventures. Back in the good old days it meant lots of extra weight, there was not an ultralight option! If you moved abruptly the cassette anti-rolling mechanism couldn't cope and your tunes would speed … Continue reading Best Songs for Walking, Climbing and Running