Welcome to CheapTents Outdoor Gear Blog

This blog was written between 2008 and 2016 as part of the online camping shop CheapTents.com. The online shop has permanently closed but the blog contains popular posts about the outdoors that are still relevant and being read. The blog has been moved to free hosting on WordPress in order to keep the content available. … Continue reading Welcome to CheapTents Outdoor Gear Blog

Two Person Backpacking Tents

We are currently stocking a range of excellent two berth tents designed for backpacking and general camping. Detailed information about these tents can be found via the ultralight tents and lightweight tent sections of our website. To help you choose the most suitable tent for your requirements here is a round up of some of … Continue reading Two Person Backpacking Tents

All-Round Tents – A Guide to Choosing the Best!

Some of us have a tent for every camping scenario. Our resident gear junkie Martyn had at last count 5 tents (maybe he's looking to open his own camping store!) If you go camping very regularly and have the money it makes sense to have tents each designed for specific purposes, e.g. wild camping, microadventures, … Continue reading All-Round Tents – A Guide to Choosing the Best!