Scrambling for People Who are Scared of Heights

Sharp Edge ridge scramble Taking on a scramble can be a very rewarding achievement. If you have a fear of heights you are inevitably going to be scared. You will have to push yourself, but that makes the challenge all the more rewarding. So if you are scared of heights but you want to go … Continue reading Scrambling for People Who are Scared of Heights


Walking the Zambezi Interview with Chaz Powell

From November 2015 to April 2016 Chaz Powell will attempt to walk the entire length of the Zambezi River. This is going to be an ambitious expedition during which Chaz will have to contend with extreme weather and a myriad of wild animals, as well as the threat of contracting malaria. Update: In order to … Continue reading Walking the Zambezi Interview with Chaz Powell

The GO Trek with Dave and Squash

Yesterday (30th April) saw the beginning of Dave Cornthwaite's eighth adventure in his twenty five Expedition 1000 challenges. For each of his challenges Dave is using non-motorised transport to travel at least 1000 miles. In this latest adventure, called the GO trek Dave Cornthwaite and Squash Falconer will be travelling 3000 miles on ElliptiGO running … Continue reading The GO Trek with Dave and Squash

Expedition1000 – Dave Cornthwaite Interview

Embarking upon any expedition takes commitment, planning & perseverance. When Dave Cornthwaite packed in his day job to become an adventurer, the goal of achieving a single expedition was not enough to give him the motivation he needed to pursue his new career. After all, why stop at one expedition when you can do twenty … Continue reading Expedition1000 – Dave Cornthwaite Interview

Adventure Cameraman Matt Sharman Interview

We all enjoy looking at pictures of climbers attempting dangerous moves high up cliff faces, but do we ever think about the person who took the picture or filmed the movie? Who has shot the image and how did they get into the right position to capture the action? Adventure cameraman Matt Sharman is sponsored … Continue reading Adventure Cameraman Matt Sharman Interview

Global Triathlon Adventurer Dan Martin Interview

Dan Martin is in adventurer who has set himself a challenge of enormous proportions. His plan is to extend a triathlon into a "Round the World" expedition. Billed as "The single greatest feat of human endurance, ever attempted" Dan Martin will cycle across Europe and Asia, run across North America and swim 5700km across the … Continue reading Global Triathlon Adventurer Dan Martin Interview

Adventurer Tim Moss – Interview

Opportunities for adventure can be found almost everywhere, if you know where to look. If you are stuck for inspiration, Adventurer and Expedition Manager, Tim Moss can help. There are lots of ideas on Tim's The Next Challenge website, through which he also offers advice, research and support for expeditions. For example, Tim has helped … Continue reading Adventurer Tim Moss – Interview

Louis-Philippe Loncke Versatile Explorer Interview

Known as Louphi the Versatile Explorer, Louis-Philippe Loncke has embarked on some extraordinary expeditions. He first started hiking on a weekend trip to Ireland, but it was when he went to Australia that he started backpacking in earnest. Armed with a Lonely Planet walking guide, Louphi started trekking in Blue Mountains. After 6 months he … Continue reading Louis-Philippe Loncke Versatile Explorer Interview