Blog readers help to protect Birds of Prey!

As you may remember in October 2009 we spoke to the RSPB’s Northwest Campaign Talks Officer John Loder, about the society's Birds Of Prey Campaign. Six months on we can report that the campaign has been an overwhelming success. John has asked me to pass on his thanks to the readers, for your interest … Continue reading Blog readers help to protect Birds of Prey!

Midway Atoll, the Albatross and Waste Plastic

On the 14th of January I wrote about Hayley Shephard's solo kayaking trip around South Georgia. She is taking on this adventure to raise awareness of the plight of the Albatross. An enormous threat to this magnificent sea bird is due to long-line fishing practices. Fortunately, simple changes can be implemented which dramatically reduce Albatross … Continue reading Midway Atoll, the Albatross and Waste Plastic

BirdFair 2009 – Lost and Found

BirdFair 2009 was the 21st annual British Birdwatching Fair. Every year the BirdFair event raises money for bird conservation projects. Co-ordinated by BirdLife International, the conservation projects aim to establish which bird species are under threat and to what extent, where these bird species are located / migrate and exactly what is causing the threat. … Continue reading BirdFair 2009 – Lost and Found

Birdfair: Birdwatching and Conservation

The British Birdwatching Fair is an annual ornithological event held at Rutland Water. Rutland water is a large reservoir and nature reserve located about 20 miles east of Leicester. There are regularly in excess of 20,000 waterfowl at Rutland water making it one of the most important wildfowl sanctuaries in Great Britain. It is also … Continue reading Birdfair: Birdwatching and Conservation