Country Walking at Lansdown, Bath

With views along the Avon valley from Bath to Bristol, an iron age hill fort, a horse racing course, a battle monument and wildlife sightings this turned out to be a superb and fascinating walk! Starting from the village of Upton Cheney my route took me down through fields and across a wooded stream to … Continue reading Country Walking at Lansdown, Bath


Best Way to Find Map Grid Reference Online

Here at CheapTents we love Google Maps and Street View. We are waiting with great anticipation for Google to roll out Street View for mountain trails, which we like to call "Sherpa Cam". Yet there is still something better than Google Maps and that is Ordnance Survey mapping. The Ordnance Survey National Grid reference system … Continue reading Best Way to Find Map Grid Reference Online

Coastal Path Walking for WaterAid

Without a doubt the UK coastline boasts some of our most amazing scenery. Picture in your mind rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, tidal estuaries and abundant wildlife. Perfect places for walking! Oh, and there's one more thing you might notice on a coastal walk... lots of water! Which brings us onto WaterAid, a Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated … Continue reading Coastal Path Walking for WaterAid

Camping Tips for Complete Beginners

Camping is like a great adventure, you can never be quite sure what you'll find over the next log, river or on the way up a mountain. But for beginners it can be met with trepidation and worry, the not knowing for some gives an adrenaline boost, but for novices to camping it can be like butterflies in the stomach. Usually this comes about through stories which have been told by friends or family, or maybe that they've read online. Today my post gives our Top Ten Camping Tips for Complete Beginners, and it does what it says on the tin.

Forestry Panel invites your views on the future of England's woodland

Earlier this year the coalition government proposed conversational plans to sell off much of England's forestry and other woodland. After a public outcry the government stood down from it's position offering to create a panel to report back and suggest the future of the forests. The independent panel of 12 members, chaired by Right Rev James Jones - … Continue reading Forestry Panel invites your views on the future of England's woodland