Brazil 9000 Interview with Gareth and Aaron

If you're trying to think of a large country in which you could go for an expedition, you could certainly do a lot worse than choosing Brazil. With an area of 8.5 million square kilometres, Brazil is the fifth largest country on the planet. With such a large area there are plenty of opportunities to … Continue reading Brazil 9000 Interview with Gareth and Aaron


Making Backpacking Food Taste Better

Deciding what food to take when backpacking can be a difficult task. The major deciding factors being the weight of the food, its taste, longevity, nutrition and your diet. Other considerations are cooking, water and packaging. You may also be concerned about issues such as animal welfare, sustainability and food miles. All these things can … Continue reading Making Backpacking Food Taste Better

Social Hiker Alex Atkinson Walks Coast to Coast

A familiar face on social media platform Twitter, Alex Atkinson ( @atkypne ) is an avid hiker, backpacker and wild camper. Alex and two of his friends recently took on the Coast to Coast walk, in aid of Hounds for Heros. The Coast to Coast Walk is a 192 mile route that was devised by … Continue reading Social Hiker Alex Atkinson Walks Coast to Coast

"Superman among trekkers" Andrew Skurka's Hiking Clinic

You may recall a while back we did an interview with Andrew Skurka following his 7 month Alaska-Yukon-Expedition. Since then there has been plenty of interest in Andrew from all parties, including National Geographic who called him a "superman among trekkers", a sentiment we fully agree with a Cheap Tents. In April, Andrew visited the … Continue reading "Superman among trekkers" Andrew Skurka's Hiking Clinic

Pro Explorer Interview Rafal Krol

Rafał Król is a Polish adventurer and explorer who has pushed himself to the absolute limits of endurance! His expeditions include traversing the Greenland icecap in whiteout conditions, a 400-kilometer solo expedition across Spitsbergen and pioneering a route through Sarek and Padjelanta, Laponia, Sweden, which is of the largest national parks in Europe. Sponsored by … Continue reading Pro Explorer Interview Rafal Krol

Louis-Philippe Loncke Versatile Explorer Interview

Known as Louphi the Versatile Explorer, Louis-Philippe Loncke has embarked on some extraordinary expeditions. He first started hiking on a weekend trip to Ireland, but it was when he went to Australia that he started backpacking in earnest. Armed with a Lonely Planet walking guide, Louphi started trekking in Blue Mountains. After 6 months he … Continue reading Louis-Philippe Loncke Versatile Explorer Interview

Leon McCarron Adventurer and Filmmaker Interview

In March 2011 Leon McCarron completed a 14,000 mile solo and unsupported bicycle ride from New York to Hong Kong. The route took Leon across the northern states of the USA, up to Vancouver, then back down the west coast to California. Next it was top to tip of New Zealand, before riding up Australia's … Continue reading Leon McCarron Adventurer and Filmmaker Interview