Cyclists Fill that Hole

About a year ago I was cycling home from work and came a cropper when I hit a pot hole in the road. The road in question is in the countryside, just on the edge of the city. There are no street lights and it was a dark, rainy winters night. I have a Cat-Eye … Continue reading Cyclists Fill that Hole

Cycle Ride for Charity in Chile

If you're thinking of going cycle touring why not head off to Chile for a week and spend the entire time cycling 250 miles? Probably the best reason why not to is that Chile is a long way from the UK and that cycling 250 miles in week sounds like hard graft. On the other … Continue reading Cycle Ride for Charity in Chile

2008 Outdoor Industry Consumer Survey Results

The Outdoor Industry Association published the results of an industry-wide consumer survey today, providing a great insight into consumer buying decisions.  Are you a bite-size outdoor sports enthusiast or a fully-committed one sports person? What outdoor sports and activities do you do? Respondents claimed to regularly participate in outdoor sports and activities.  These include: 91% … Continue reading 2008 Outdoor Industry Consumer Survey Results