Cassowary's are about – look like a tree!

Travel Advice: Cape Tribulation, Australia When I was backpacking, I spent a little bit of time in North-Eastern Australia, in particular camping around Cape Tribulation, a protected World Heritage site.  Cape Tribulation is a coastal paradise, with tropical mangrove swamps behind you and flat sandy beaches and crystal blue waters in front.  A real haven. … Continue reading Cassowary's are about – look like a tree!


Criterion Sleeping Bag Reviews

Update: During 2014 Cumulus was rebranded as Criterion Sleeping Bags, as such references in this article which were orginally Cumulus have been changed to Criterion. There has been great interest in Criterion Sleeping Bags in recent years.  if you've got one, good choice, if not, read on... Why Do Criterion Sleeping Bags Stand-Apart? What stands … Continue reading Criterion Sleeping Bag Reviews