The Long Good Friday Ultra Run

“Any idiot can run a marathon but it takes a special idiot to run an ultra” were the words printed on the back of the training top on the athlete in front of me. We were doing yet another uphill section on a 1 mile loop that made up part of the course for the … Continue reading The Long Good Friday Ultra Run


Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie Feature Review

Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie This lightweight windproof jacket which has been designed for runners as both a training or race jacket. Looking at the Fast Wing you may be forgiven for thinking that it is like many other lightweight windshirts but when you scratch below the surface and look at the features you come to … Continue reading Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie Feature Review

Vaude Power Tokee Ultralight Tent – Review

Update: Please note that the Power Tokee has been discontinued. As an alternative we recommend the Nordisk Telemark 1 LW instead. This week's Product of the Week (09/07/12) is the Vaude Power Tokee Ultralight 2012 Tent. A tent we've chosen as a star product, it's a favourite amongst our customers and one of our best … Continue reading Vaude Power Tokee Ultralight Tent – Review

Best Songs for Walking, Climbing and Running

Ever since the invention of the Sony Walkman outdoor enthusiasts have been able to take their music with them on their adventures. Back in the good old days it meant lots of extra weight, there was not an ultralight option! If you moved abruptly the cassette anti-rolling mechanism couldn't cope and your tunes would speed … Continue reading Best Songs for Walking, Climbing and Running

Skyrunning – Ben Nevis Race

According to the Federation for Sport at Altitude (FSA) , skyrunning is Running from the sea to the sky, from the plains to the earth’s highest peaks. Outdoor sports such as running, biking, skiing, duathlons, triathlons which are undertaken at altitudes above 2000 m are collectively known as Skysports. Typical locations for Skysports are The … Continue reading Skyrunning – Ben Nevis Race

Pro-Adventure Racer Mike Kloser Interview

Mike Kloser is one of the world's top endurance athletes. He is an Adventure Racing and Mountain Biking World Champion. Among his many achievements, Mike has won the AR World Championships 5 times, Eco Challenge 3 times and Primal Quest 5 times. Before taking up Adventure Racing, Mike Kloser was a dedicated Mountain Biker and … Continue reading Pro-Adventure Racer Mike Kloser Interview

Adventurer Andrew Skurka on his latest expedition

When you're talking about long distance adventurers one of the first names that springs to mind is Andrew Skurka. Named as "Adventurer of the Year" 2007 by National Geographic Adventure's and "Person of the Year" 2005 by Backpacker Magazine. Andrew has trekked over 25,000 miles since 2002, when Andrew turned his hobby into an occupation, … Continue reading Adventurer Andrew Skurka on his latest expedition