Tim Graham: Downhill Mountain Biker

At CheapTents we like to help up and coming outdoor athletes by giving them some exposure. We were recently contacted by downhill mountain biker Tim Graham. Tim is an avid downhill racer who is pursuing his dream of a professional MTB racing.

Mountain biker riding singletrack downhill trail
Tim Graham getting some downhill action on his Specialized Big Hit.

It was watching downhill riders on the trails at Fort William that gave Tim the inspiration to take up mountain biking. That was two and half years ago and he has not looked back since…

The excitement and thrill of new trails and meeting new people got me into downhill mountain biking!

Best Downhill Trails

Tim’s enjoys riding the trails in Scotland around Fort William, where he got his first taste of mountain biking. He also rides many of the singletrack trails in the North East of England including and Chopwell Woods, Dalby Forest and Keilder Forest. There are plenty of downhill trails near his home where he gets his MTB fix and regularly practices his skills. Training also includes going to the gym and running. Tim can’t hide his passion for mountain biking, when we asked him which trail was his favourite, he replied…

My favourite trail is every single one I have ridden!

Tim takes part in races at Hamsterley Forest and has won the Springs Down Hill race. Tim will be entering all the northern downhill MTB events and hopes to progress on to the national events. His favourite racing events are the DH World Cup series, which are his eventual aim.

Mountain BikingFortunately Tim hasn’t had any major crash related injuries. The worst one was a dislocated finger which took 3 months to fully heal. During that time Tim had to confine himself to peddling on a cycle machine, 4 times a week for 1 hour each time.

When racing downhill Tim rides a Specialized Big Hit 2009 full suspension MTB with Rock Shox Boxxer forks. He also has a Commencal Absolotue AL2.

I love [the Rock Shox Boxxer] they are so plush.

And Tim’s Favourite clothing? Anything that makes him stand out!

Best Downhill Mountain Bikers

There are a number of top downhill mountain bikers that inspire Tim Graham, these include:

When Tim isn’t out tackling the downhill trails on his MTB he still manages to make a crash: playing the drums!

My main interest is making it professional on my bike and hopefully with the commitment of a sponsorship and help, I will be able to.

If you would like to contact Tim Graham regarding sponsorship please e-mail us, blog@cheaptents.com, and we will pass on any messages.

Are you looking for sponsorship and want to increase your profile? Why not get yourself noticed on the CheapTents.com blog? Post a comment or send us an e-mail.


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