Google Maps and Street View Go 8-Bit!

Here at CheapTents we love looking at maps! Whilst Ordnance Survey undoubtedly produce the best quality mapping in the UK, Google have provided us with their maps online for free. Combined with Street View and Google Earth, Google Maps is arguably one of the best things on the internet. Not only do Google do great maps, they also like a bit of a laugh and this year for April Fool’s day they have produced 8-bit mapping. For those of us who can remember computer graphics from the 1980s these maps are a bit of a flashback! Below are screenshots of most of England and Wales and East Warrington with Google’s 8-bit mapping. Below that is The Adventure Centre on 8 bit Street View. Awesome!

Google 8-Bits Maps

8-Bit Map from Google
Screenshot of Google's 8-Bit Map of (some of) England and Wales
Google's 8 bit map of Warrington
Screenshot showing Google's 8-bit map of east Warrington.

Google 8-Bit Street View – Adventure Centre

The Adventure Centre shop in 8 bit graphics
Screenshot of Google Street View: The Adventure Centre

Anyone for Fun?

Here at CheapTents we also like to have a bit of laugh and proposed that one day Google will take Street View to the mountains with Sherpa Cam! Whilst last year for April Fool’s we announced that Dutch Clogs are the new walking boots!


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